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V-Maze ver 1.0

V-Maze ver 1.0 (renamed from AVTAS ver 5.0) is a comprehensive video tracking software designed to automate testing in behavioral experiments of various mazes such as:
  • Water maze
  • Elevated plus maze
  • Eight-arm radial maze
  • Arm-maze alteration
  • T/Y maze
  • Barnes maze
  • as well as open field

V-Maze supports many different devices for image capture covering a wide spectrum of requirements: low cost, notebook connectivity.
  • Digital Cameras:you can use V-Maze with inexpensive USB web-cams, high quality USB cameras
  • Capture cards: If you use an analogue camera with V-Maze then you'll need to use a capture card (sometimes called a frame grabber) to convert the camera's signal to a digital form that the computer can read. V-Maze works with capture cards compatible with Microsoft? video for windows (VFW)

V-Maze has been designed to work with modern computers running 32-bit Windows XP/WIN7/WIN8, However, that doesn't mean you can't use it with older equipment or other versions of Windows.
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